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Agape Respite Care Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors
Randall Beer
Agape Board President 589-2193
  James Buckingham Secretary/Treasurer 589-3525
Chris Gilbert
2782 Forrest Ridge Cot. Berne, IN 46711
Teresa Conrad
9202 NW Winchester Rd. Decatur, IN 46733
Amy Tumbleson
786 Westlichstrasse, Berne, IN 46711
  Landon Smith 275 Parkway St Berne, IN 46711 525-0169


Guidelines for Selection of Agape Respite Care Board Members
Agape Respite Care, Inc. is a Christian service committed to assisting families who have infants, children youth and adults with disabilities or chronic health conditions. The Christian faith and love for all God’s people impels Agape to care for those who want and need special care on a temporary basis throughout their life span.
The respite and support services are offered to primary care givers to assist them in a renewing of their body, mind, soul and spirit.
These guidelines will be used in selecting directors. Directors of local organizations should reflect the values of the Christian faith and support these values in the organizations they serve as well as in their daily life.
Persons nominated to serve as members of the Board of Directors of Agape Respite Care, Inc. shall meet the following criteria:
  • Be people of integrity and good reputation in the communties in which they live.
  • Have a skill or area of interest which will benefit the organization.
  • Commitment to regular attendance at meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Live and articulate their faith in ways that bring hope and peace.
  • Demonstrate compassion and a desire to understand the needs of poeple with disabilities and the subsequent needs of their families.


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