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In 2003 the Agape Sports League began offering summer baseball. The program is open to any school age child beginning at age 5 through high school. Also any individual receiving services from Agape Respite Care may sign up to play.

A total of six games are played on Monday and Thursday nights, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., beginning the second week of July. The games are played at the South Adams High School Softball Diamond on road 700 just off US 27.

The Agape Sports League is sponsored by community businesses and individual sports. There is no cost to the players, who receive a shirt, hat, individual and team picture, and a medal at the end of the season.

Each player may have a volunteer base buddy to assist them during the game. Players may choose to have the ball pitched to them, hit the ball off a tee or use an automatic batter if they are unable to hold a bat.

Volunteer Opportunities - Get involved!
· 10 years old or older
· Families may volunteer together
· Assist a player as necessary to get to base, (which may be pushing a wheelchair)
· You do not have to be able to attend every game, sign up for the dates you can help
· Come cheer at the game
· Celebrate at the Awards Carry-In Dinner
All games are free to the general public and a concession stand is available for snacks. All proceeds from the concessions benefit Agape Respite Care.

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